Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Not Picking Kevin Pietersen is Absurd

Here's why the ECB have no choice, but to end the Pietersen farce, swallow their pride and select him to play for England:

On the day, when he's in form (and my God is he ever in form at the moment) he's the best mid order batsman in the world, bar none. England have a difficult New Zealand series followed by the mighty Aussies, and KP in this form could help blow NZ away, leaving England with confidence and feeling like winners ahead of the Ashes. We know that along with Anderson,  he's one of the few England players that Australia fear.

Yesterday he scored 326 not out first class runs - only a moron can ignore that, especially given England's poor overall form! The job of Strauss and the selectors is to pick the best available team, and on that alone KP gets in on merit ahead of almost anyone. Lets remember that at the time of his 'firing' after the disastrous Ashes tour, KP had the best batting average on that tour (and he was not in good form) - well he's not out of form anymore!

How dare they not pick him? Will we have to listen to interminable interviews at the end of the summer when Strauss and co explain why we didn't win the Ashes and begin another period of "rebuilding"? Lets say it now - if the ECB doesn't pick KP and then fails to win the Ashes, the reason starts there. Their job is to pick a winning side - they get paid a lot of money to do that and they cannot say that the best man available is not selectable -  They can not !

Now is it true KP is a bit if an asshole? yes probably - manage him, thats your job. if Cook doesn't want to skipper him, get a new skipper who can! If Australia kicked out their egotistical, arrogant assholes, I doubt they'd have been able to field a single winning team for the past 30 years! and looking back Botham and Boycott, to name but two, would not be household names under this ECB !

KP needs to be picked because he's on fire and England lack that; because in this form we know he can take a game away from any opposition - he is capable of demoralizing even the mighty Aussie bowling unit; pick him,  because he empties bars and few others do; pick him because when he bats big, kids want to be him and that's great for the game; pick him because he does ruffle feathers around him and the comfy "we're all great mates" England dressing room has failed miserably; most of all pick him because the best team must be available to play - how dare we even contemplate the idea of not fielding our best in an Ashes's series!

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